Promotional Booth
Once in a semester, MISI Club will conduct an open booth in IIUM. We will promote our club and registration is opened to all active IIUM students.

Mass Gathering
Once in a semester, a Mass Gathering will be conducted in IIUM for the new and current members of MISI Club.

Outreach Projects
For each one cycle of tenure, there will be at least one outreach project conducted by MISI Club. Our outreach projects are divided into two targeted destinations - rural areas in Sabah and Sarawak.

Facilitating Programmes
At least once in a year, a facilitating programme will be conducted at a school.

Annual Grand Meeting(AGM)
At the end of each a cycle of tenure, an Annual Grand Meeting will be conducted in order to report progress and achievements to the members of MISI Club and CENSERVE staffs. Depending on the syura meeting of the members of top management of MISI Club, the current committees line up will be revoked and a new committees line up will be proposed on Pre-AGM and officially announced during AGM.