Humanitarian Visit to Rumah Nursalam Chow Kit

“MISI Humanitarian Visit to RumahNursalam Chow Kit” is one of the vital programme that had been organized by MISI Training Unit. Due to the consciousness of “sense-of-humanity”, this kind of programme is mainly planned to create a good environment on social responsibility field especially among the participants, IIUM community and society at large. In line of “MISI In Touch, Ummah In Heart”, “MISI Humanitarian Visit to RumahNursalam Chow Kit” is not only structure for highlighting the important of community service but also to gain and expose the individual or group involved on the wonderful of volunteer work besides inculcating the Islamic Missionaries to the Ummah. In addition, the other objective of this programme is also to explore and understand the care of abandon children and teenagers.
The programme was held at Rumah Kanak-Kanak, Nursalam Chow Kit which situated in Kuala Lumpur on 11th June 2011 (Saturday) at 10.00 am until 5.00 pm. There were 28 participants of this programme, which are most of them, are the MISI members and few of them are non-members of MISI CLUB but they are interested to join this programme. These participants consist of 16 female students and 12 male students.

Coming soon...Da'wah Exploration in Sarawak 2011....

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MISI Club in collaboration with Urusetia Saudara Kita will be organizing 2nd series of Da'wah Exploration in Sarawak in the end of July. The information in detail about this programme will be post soon... InsyaAllah...

"MISI in Touch, UMMAH in Heart"

Educational Hearten Camp 2011 (EDC)

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MISI Club will organized a programme called Educational Hearten Camp which will be held on 8th July until 10th July 2011 at SMKA Sandakan, Sandakan, Sabah. The objectives of this programme are to raise the students’ awareness on the importance of nurturing Islamic teaching in one’s self, to enlighten the importance of using and learning English language in their future undertakings, to turn out students with better performance in both English and empower good attitude in line with Islam and to enlighten the student with a life after school. Below are some introduction regrading this programme.
English has become the language of communication by most people in this world. Our university also applies English as its first official language in campus. English is used widely in many different aspects; including business, entertainment, education as well as in preaching the religion. Since we are living in a multicultural country; there is the need for us to excel not only in our native language but in other language too, particularly in English language. This is very important in our mission as Islam in preaching others because we are dealing with various kinds of people i.e. Chinese, Indian, and other different ethnics who do not use the same medium like us.
Pertaining to that, MISI has taken the initiative to organize “EDUCATIONAL HEARTEN CAMP” which flatters the importance of both English and Da’wah in its mission. “Hearten” means to raise your spirits. This programme aims at enhancing the students’ fortitude and audacity to explore the beauty knowledge about Islam and the use of English. The uniqueness of this programme is that we combine both English and Islamic knowledge together into our methodology. This is actually a continuation series of “English and Da’wah Camp or END”. The previous two series of END were succeed and showed the positive impact. Hence now, with our strong will, we come out with an idea to continue this project to the third series but with a different name. For this time, MISI Club and inviting facilitator among IIUM students will collaborate to organize this program.
The theme is “Inculcating the Preaching through English, Flourishing the Beauty of Knowledge” means that English is one of the medium used in preaching. Apart from that, both knowledged in Islamic essentials and English are used and applied together as to give the produce students with better and balance knowledge on both. The reason to conduct this programme is to share the experience of da’wah in Sabah with other university instead of having IIUM students. Hopefully, this will widen the concept of da’wah and English enhancement skills among IIUM community in particular and the Muslims in general.

Outreach to Mabul Island (S5)

Outreach to Mabul Island Series 5 is one of the outreach projects organized by the MISI Outreach Committee (OUTREX) in order to spread Islamic teaching towards the rural community in Mabul Island. It was planned to inculcate the awareness of social responsibility and spirit of da’wah among students particularly MISI members. Hence, considering the success of the previous project, MISI Club continues with this project as the last series in order to observe the improvement of the Mabulians villagers.

The programme was held at Mabul Island on 18th April 2011(Monday) until 23rd April 2011 (Saturday). There were 20 participants for this programme, which are the MISI members and also students of IIUM with the exception of one volunteer student from UiTM.

Amongst the 20 members, merely a quarter were members who had experience in handling such a program and have previously been to Mabul. Nevertheless, every participants have been assigned as facilitators for the mini tuition classes with the children. In addition, the purpose of this program is to fully understand the lifestyle of the Mabulians living in the island. All participants were divided into small groups living with their foster family. The MISI Club advisor, Dr. Dolhadi accompanied the team for this final outreach.