MISI Training Camp

Assalamualaikum wbt.. MISI now conducting a calling for participant for MISI Training Camp. The purpose of the programme is to train the student to face difficulties and also to expose the students on how to survive in any situations. This also coincides with the next programme of MISI which is Outreach to Sabah that will be held during the semester break. So, this programme will become the platform for the participant to build their confidence and also to test their courage.

The details of the programme is as following:

Date : 1st - 3rd February 2011
Venue : Dusun Eco Resort, Bentong, Pahang.
Fee : RM15 only

Interested? Do contact the programme manager, Aziz 0133608975. Tq~

MISI Promotional Booth

Assalamualaikum wbt..MISI Promotional Booth is back! Let's come to our booth to know more about MISI Club. The details are as the following :

Date : 7th - 11th February 2011
Venue : ITD Foyer
Time : 9am - 5pm (Everyday)

For any enquiries, do contact the person-in-charge, Azhani, 0132838528 or Razif, 0133068425.

p/s : To all MISIan, help us~ LOL

Introduction to MISI Club

This video will introduce you to what is MISI Club. It also explains all programme that we organized from the major programme until the minor programme. Hope that you will enjoy the video. We welcome everyone to join us. You may register online or manually during our Promotional Booth.

History of MISI Club

Here is the video of MISI's history. Everybody MUST know it. :) Syukran jazilan..SHARE!