Workshop 1.0


On the 20th of February 2016, MISI CLUB IIUM has organized a very beneficial program known as “WORKSHOP 1.0” which concerns on the communication and professionalism for the students. This program can help the students to gain skills such as communication skills, developing social skills and learning to work in a team besides meeting new and awesome peers. This workshop has been held in AIKOL LR 3.8 & 3.9.


            This workshop was divided into 2 slots. The first slot is “Communication Skill and Teamwork” by Dr. Wan Mazwati Wan Yusuf, a lecturer from the Kuliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences (IRKHS). The program started at 9.30 am and ended at 12.15 pm. Dr. Wan Mazwati discussed on “How to Communicate When Someone Make Mistake”. Dr wan managed to relate this topic with Islamic ethical values. Next, the sub topic by Dr. Wan is entitled “Appropriate Time to Praise”. She also stressed to praise a person’s for their action not for the individual as the action will motivate the person more in the future. What is important is that, in the concluding her speech, Dr Wan Mazwati reminded the audiences on how important communication is and she said to talk about the positive things and always give compliments to others. It is such an honor to have her in this program. J

Next, the second slot was conducted by Brother Hafizul Faiz. Bro. Hafizul Faiz is an established writer. His slot was on the topic of professionalism. Bro.  Faiz relates his speech with Islamic historical events, figures and values. The talk was casual which was very relaxed considering the workshop was a day long program.
This program is indeed beneficial and meaningful as it enhances soft skills. Hope this kind of a program will help the audiences to be better in handling their career and personality.


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

MasyaAllah, what a busy week! While I have been chaotically busy with CiTRA Open Day, I just participated a three-day induction which was held at Edu TR1. As I have been promoted to be part of this new tenure, my attandence was a must! Wait a minute... what is MISI Club? It’s an outreach-based CENSERVE club in which the club manages outreach activities to underpriviliged communities in rural areas of Sabah and Sarawak.

February 6, 2015 – On the very first day of MISI Induction, the programme began after performing Maghrib prayer. Typically, every first day of a club programme starts with taarufing ourselves with each other for sure. In addition, the new president of MISI club named Asri Abdul Rahim elucidated again the presentation of the almanac for 2014/2015 session as some did not attend the meeting when the almanac was presented for the first time. Redza Alohi, the previous president of MISI club also participated this programme so that he could be supportively invaluable to share his experience with us.

February 7, 2015 – On the second day of MISI Induction, Redza taught us how to conduct a club programme. Plus, we also learnt how to prepare a programme report from our former secretary of the club named Asmah Rojan. Next, we participants were divided into groups with different proposals. Gratefully, I needed to complete merely the proposal of MISI Family Day with Nadia Bakri, Naeimah Jami, Soris Hamadul and Wong Ken Chung. As I’m the programme manager or PM of this programme, each PM presented his proposal of the programme. At night, we alhamdulillah enjoyed a dinner with satay which was someone’s treat.

February 8, 2015 – Unfortunately, there were only twelve participants attending the last day of MISI Induction. To me, exploracing to approve a proposal is an innovation which was Ainaa Kamarulzamil’s idea. Once again, we were classified into three groups with four members in each group. I was placed with Afiq Kahar, Fiona Taha and Izzah Ishak and we four really showed a good teamwork! There were several checkpoints where members of previous tenure tested our knowledge mainly about what we’ve got throughout this induction. Eventually, my group alhamdulillah finished this explorace earlier than the other two groups.

As a conclusion, I believe that this MISI Induction did a really excellent job. Besides learning some new stuff about its documentation, this programme diminished the gap among this new line-up which is consisted of experts and neophytes with the aim to strengthen our synergy as a team even though many of us couldn’t join this three-day programme. No matter Borneon or Peninsulares, you can join this fun club – MISI!

Assalamualaikum J

MISI Mass Ukhuwwah Gathering

MISI Ukhuwwah Gathering : The Miracles of Ukhuwwah
On 4th of October, 2013, MISI Club has organized a mass gathering with the theme of 'The Miracle of Ukhuwwah' at AIKOL LT A. The purposes of the event is to gather the alumni, current and new members of MISI Club and to introduce MISI Club to the new members. The event is attended by our VIP, Sr. Sharifah Aishah as the representative of CENSERVE, 5 of our Alumni, committees and members.

With the arrival of VIP, the event is started with the recitation of Asma Al-Husna continued by the recitation of du'a by Br.Nafiz. Afterwards, Br.Taufieq as the Programme Manager is invited to deliver his speech by our Masters of Ceremony, Br.Ramis and Sr.Syazwinnie. He shared on his experiences during the last trip to Kampung Muara Mongkos in Serian District of Sarawak. He said, there's more to be done and dakwah work in the village will not end. The next speech is done by Br.Amirullah, the President of MISI Club. He shared on his first experiences during his days with MISI Club. The sweet of ukhuwwah and love in the club among all members are to be cherished and shared to the new members.

A video montage prepared by Br. Zaaimudin is presented. The video composed of History of MISI, Line up for Tenure 2012/2013 and previous & upcoming programmes. The video is complimented by our VIP as one of the most inspiring video so far.

Later on, the event is continued by a special show by MISI Acoustic Band, led by Br.Badran together with vocalist, Br.Afiq Agoes and Guitarist, Br. Mahadi. Our vocalist announced that there are two other instruments without players. He invited two other members which are Br.Amirullah;played tamborine and shaker and Br.Taufieq;played a guitar.

The song is started with two Sabah and Sarawak folk songs; Puteri Santubong and Sayang Kinabalu, followed by Surgamu and lastly, Aku Yang Dulu Bukanlah Yang Sekarang(Tegar).

The end of the show marked the end of the event. The VIP, Programme Manager, President and Vice President is ushered to their dining table and the other members received their refreshments.

The programme is successfully done and the objectives are achieved. We would like to thank everyone; CENSERVE, VIP, Programme Manager and his Committees, Alumni, current and new members and to anyone who attended our Mass Ukhuwwah Gathering.

Recitation of Asma Al-Husna
Recitation of du'a by Br.Nafiz
Speech by Br.Taufieq
Speech by Br.Amirullah
Speech by Sr.Sharifah Aishah

Gimmick : Inviting another 2 members
Bakal vocalist KRU Studio.
Gandingan hebat Masters of Ceremony
Registration Counter and committees
Refreshment time! Yummy~
The Guys
The Ladies
MISI Acoustic Band : The Resurrection. Album sold separately.

Puteri Santubong & Sayang Kinabalu


Aku Yang Dulu Bukanlah Yang Sekarang

MISI's Line Up 2012/2013


Muhammad Amirullah bin Zulkifli

Ahmad Badran bin Saman

Noor Hafizah bt Abu Bakar

Nor Fadziela Warisi

Mohd Firdani Adam

Rahimah Ahmad

Afiq Agoes



Shah Redza Alohi 

Assistant Head 1

Nabilah Bt Ab Rahim 
Assistant Head 2


Mohd Hizami Helmi 

Nasliah Bt. Abdul Nasir 
Assistant Head 1

Nurhana Bt. Ismayadi 
Assistant Head 2


Azriq Rosman 

Nurul Nadia Mohamad Bakri 
Assistant Head 1

Wong Ken Chung 
Assistant Head 2


Mahadi Muhamad 

Syazwinnie Omar 
Assistant Head


Nik Mohamad Amri Hafiz Zulkifli 

Alfin Nadzilah Bt. Mohd. Abd. Manaf 
Assistant 1

Wan Nashrah Bt Wan Ismail 
Assistant 2


Md. Hanafi Md. Sabial 

Nurul Izzati Mohd Noor 
Assistant 1

Wan Muhammad Azmir B. Wan Muhammad Azam 
Assistant 2


Razif Mohamed

Dk. Siti Nur Aqilah bt. Tahir 
Assistant 1

Ramis Hamadul 
Assistant 2


Nuzul Mubaraq 

Nur Hidayah Bt Mahari 
Assistant 1

Ropiah Zakaria 
Assistant 2