Educational Visit to Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre

Early in the morning on 11th July 2011, at 7.30 am, we gathered at the Balai Raya and waited for the provided bus to come and fetch us. We departed to the location at 8 AM.

Arrived at the Sepilok, we were welcomed by the staff warmly. Then we were taken to the hall to listen to a talk provided by Madam. Silvia. There was a Q & A session also video-showing. The video show was about the Orang Utan or Man of the Forest as we called them in English. The best was that there was an Orang Utan in Sepilok that was adopted by some individuals.

After the talk, we went to the  Orang Utan "feeding zone" in the jungle hastily. Silently, we walked and enjoyed the scenery. Here we can see that the Orang Utan were having their meal.

After the feeding time over, the ranger brought all of us to go deep in the jungle. It was jungle-trekking time. We walked through the forest about 2 kilometers that took about 1 hour only. There are a lot of interesting things to see such as the tongkat ali herb, trees that aged hundred years and we also managed to see the Kenyalang bird. Despite of a little bit tired because we need to climb up and down the hills, all of us had a great moment there.

At 12.00 noon, we completed our jungle trekking and went back to the hall. Before went home, we exchanged token of appreciation between MISI Club and the Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre’s representative, Madam Silvia.

We learned a lot in this programme, great experience, great adventure. Hope we can come here again later. :)

Foster Family @Kampung Bokara, Sandakan

Opening Ceremony (Day 1 / 10th July 2011)

After Closing Ceremony of Educational Hearten Camp at the SMAS, we straightly went to Kg. Bokara for the next agenda. We were schedule to attend the Opening Ceremony there for our next program, The Foster Family with the villagers there. Arrived at Kg. Bokara, all foster families had waited us. Some villagers also came to support the program. Thank you very much. The Opening Ceremony was a grand because there were also some VIPs came, especially En. Jeffry Chong, the representative of our actual officiator who is Datuk Peter Pang En Yin, Menteri Belia & Sukan Sabah also the cum of ADUN Karamunting, Sandakan. En. Jeffry Chong came to officiate the program. Thank you for the nice welcoming speech. After all participants were giving their foster family, we followed our foster mother and father to our home and have a nice rest for the whole night.


Day 2 / 11th July 2011 (Tuesday)

The 2nd day of the foster family program, the plan for this day was "Educational Visit to Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre" to see Orang Utan. The report of it will be posted in separate post. Wait ya!! :D

After the program at Sepilok, we were directed went to the city for lunch. We had our lunch at Restoran Adzie, Bdr. Kim Fung, Sandakan. Our lunch was fully sponsored by YB Au Kam Wah, ADUN Elopura.

After lunch, we went to the city centre and had a walk at the city and bought some souvenirs to be brought home.

45 minutes after the leisure, we went back to Kg. Bokara for another activity, which was Module activity with the PMR and SPM candidates in the Kampung. They have waited us for 30 minutes. The module started and it was prolonged until the gotong-royong at Kg. Bokara's graveyard has been canceled. This was because we were informed that, the activity with the students is infrequent to come in the village. Therefore, we could just proceed with the module. Eventhough the session was short, we had fun with all of the students. We had simple games such as spell the word and create other word from word that was given.

Even it was simple, at least there is input that was contributed by us.

Later that night, we went to a seaside restaurant to have dinner with our foster family. We had a great happy night where we can sit and talked with our foster family.

After the dinner, we went home and have a nice sleep with our family.

Day 3 / 12th July 2011 (Wednesday)

Again, we need to face the farewell moment and another closing ceremony. We gathered at the Balai Raya at 9 AM. All students and foster families were there. We start the event with Marhaban that was performed by the villagers. Not to forget the traditional dance of Kg.Bokara, Igal-Igal dance also was performed to the audience.

After the closing, we visited one of the participants foster family. Haire and Asyraf’s foster father had is sick. We sat awhile and talked with their foster mother. It was a sad situation for us when we listen to what she said. She advised us about life. Her life story really touched our heart until we shed some tears. Even she is not that rich, she prepared a lot of foods when we were there. That made us feel bad and at for that, we at least help her clean up the dishes.

At 1 pm, we gathered at Balai Raya again to catch our bus at 1.30 pm. The farewell showed some tears down by some of the families. We promised to them we will come back to the village with Allah’s permission.

Then, we were brought to MPS Square for a briefing by MPS officer. They also prepare refreshment for us. The purpose was to appreciate the sponsor given for our transportation. Thank you.

After the briefing, it was a free time. Everybody had their own time to be spent to go shopping anywhere. We spent time shopping until 5 PM. At 515 PM, we went to Agnes Keith House and English Tea House as part of our visit in Sandakan. We chose to come here because we were told that it was one of the symbolic of the British Empire during their colonization in Borneo and it is a historic place. Sadly, we were running out of time, next we went to the last place, the lookout point, where we can see the whole city centre of Sandakan.

After that, we departed to the Airport for the KL team flight. We all gathered at the airport. The flight to Kuala Lumpur is 9 PM. After say the farewell words to another friend that stayed in Sandakan, the Kuala Lumpur team that consist of 12 persons departed and arrived at LCCT Kuala Lumpur at 12 PM. The IIUM bus fetched them, and they savely arrived at IIUM around 2 AM. The day after tomorrow, the KK and Tawau team also going back to their hometown. With that, our program was officially ended. Alhamdulillah.