Da'wah Exploration in Sarawak 11 : Calling for Volunteers [UPDATED]


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Name : Da'wah Exploration in Sarawak 2011
Date : 20th - 26th July 2011
Venue : Kg. Kendai'e, Lundu and Kg. Serayan, Sematan, Sarawak

For this programme, we open the participation to ALL IIUM STUDENTS especially MISI members. The commitment fees for this programme is RM50.

Interested? Kindly send your 1) Full name, 2) Matric Number, to:

- Khairi (0138675700)
- Liyana (0173642928)

"MISI in Touch, UMMAH in Heart"

UPDATE : Deadline for application is on 31st March 2011.

Induction Course

MISI Induction Course is one of the major programmes organized by MISI Club to its members with the objective to prepare them to become dynamic leaders and effective facilitators as well as mentors who are equipped with appropriate knowledge, skills and attitude in facing the community, especially the Muslim community in Sabah and Sarawak in their outreach projects. In addition, the purpose of this course is also to ensure main committees, sub committees and other bureaus are fully understand their own job scopes since there is a new structure of MISI’s line up for this tenure, which comprises of four natures, namely Outreach Committee, Training Committee, Facilitating and Mentoring Committee and MISI Communique Committee.

The programme was held at KENMS LT1 on 23rd January 2011 (Sunday) at 9.00 am. There were 30 participants of this programme, which are the MISI members in the new line up of 2011 with 6 facilitators from board of main committee of MISI Club. The Assistant Director of the Centre for University Social Responsibility (CENSERVE), Br. Mohd Khairulzain Bin Abdul Rahman was invited as the speaker for a special slot on “Procedures and Policies in Organizing a Programme”.

All participants were served with breakfast before the programme begun with the welcoming remarks from the master of ceremony, Sis. Siti Fatimah Ramli followed by recitation of du’a by Br. Abdul Razif Ahmad.

Without further delay, the programme was proceeded with the presentation of almanac for the 2011’s line up by the Secretary General 1 of MISI Club, Br. Nuzaihan Majidi.

Around 15 minutes later, the former Secretary General 2 of MISI Club 2009/2010, Sis. Nur Nabila Hamdan took over the programme for a briefing on manual handbook of MISI Club and the job scopes for each nature of sub committees of MISI Club.

After the briefing session, the former President of MISI Club 2002/2003, Br. Rafiq Bin Idris was invited on stage to share some of his experiences with MISI Club. According to him, the most important thing when a student joined a da’wah programme like MISI Club does is the sincere intention to seek the pleasure of Allah S.W.T. besides having a good time management between studies and society’s programmes.

After his speech, the programme was proceeded with group binding session, where all participants got into their own appointed natures to discuss and prepare a balance scorecard for their nature to be presented in the later slot. The discussion was held until 1.10 pm, where all participants were served with lunch and then having Zuhur prayer at the KENMS Musolla.

At 2.30 pm, the programme was continued with a talk on “Procedures and Policies in Organizing a Programme” which was conducted by the invited speaker, Br. Mohd Khairulzain Bin Abdul Rahman, the Assistant Director of the Centre for University Social Responsibility (CENSERVE). Interestingly, MISI Club managed to get a good score when all participants were evaluated with the questions related to the procedures in conducting a programme in IIUM. The score will rank the club into few categories from poor to excellent in certain range of marks.

The final agenda was the presentation of the balance scorecard for each nature of the club, which was evaluated by the senior members of MISI Club and the facilitators of the programme. All participants have showed good understanding in preparing the balance scorecard and they were asked to come out with full version of the balance scorecard to be submitted later to the club’s e-mail.

The programme came to an end after a post mortem session with all organizing committees shared their experiences and problems during the preparation for the programme. There was no major problem along the preparation and during the programme, except the unexpected delay in the tentative. The programme has achieved its overall objectives and managed to end on time despite the unexpected delay. Given its limited budget, RM300, the expected expenses have successfully reduced from RM500 to RM300 without causing any problem. The invited speaker, Br. Mohd Khairulzain Bin Abdul Rahman has also praised the Public Relation committee for the polite reminder to him regarding on his slot in the programme.

Mass Gathering

MISI’s Idyllic Night was organized by MISI Club of Centre for University Social Responsibility (CENSERVE), International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) with the selection of theme which paralleled to one of MISI’s principle of love, care, and respect. The theme for the event was “Love, Care, and Respect: Uniting the Cultural Diversity". The objective of the night was to promote the club itself, as well as to celebrate the new line-up for tenure 2010/2011. Apart from that, it also aimed to give chance for members to renew their membership, alongside with targeting to find new members to continue the legacy of the club.

The mass gathering was held on Saturday, 22nd January 2011 at KENMS LT 1, IIUM. The programme was attended by seventy seven students; most of them were first-timers. The programme had succeeded in getting six new members whom were all excited to join the club and the incoming programmes. Bro. Razali bin Sudin, the Representative of CENSERVE Team was kind enough to attend the mass gathering held that eventful night as our VIP.

The guests started to arrive at 8.30 p.m., and the VIP of the night arrived at 8.40 pm. His arrival was announced by Masters of Ceremony and they were accompanied to their seats by the respective committees. The programme started at 9.00pm with welcoming remark and short briefing about MISI club by the Masters of Ceremony, followed by recitation of du’a by Bro. Shuhaib Bin Supani. Next slot was for the Programme Manager, Sr. Nur Nabila Hamdan to give her speech, and right after that the Masters of Ceremony invited Bro. Razali as the representative of CENSRVE Team to deliver his speech.

The audience then was given the element of suspense with the first session of Lucky Draw, where five lucky people were chosen to be the winners. A multimedia presentation regarding MISI’s history and activities in the previous followed right after the lucky draw session. The new line-up of MISI was introduced in the next slot also with a multimedia show. The night went on with an inspiring speech by MISI’s President, Bro. Usman bin Suardi as the representative of the new line-up.

After that the guests were entertained by an astonishing acoustic performance led by Bro. Ahmad Muhajir bin Rosli. They sang two songs that night, and they got an impressively loud applause from the audience. The second session of Lucky Draw was conducted after the performance, and another five lucky guests received their presents. At the end of the event, the Master of Ceremony invited Bro. Razali bin Sudin to the stage to receive a token of appreciation from the President as the representative of the club.

Although the programme started later than it was expected in the master plan, the programme managed to end on time, at 10.30pm. After the photography session, all VVIPs and VIPs were ushered by the organizing committees to the refreshment area for some refreshment. All students were also served with refreshments by the organizing committees.