Assalamualaikum w.b.t

MasyaAllah, what a busy week! While I have been chaotically busy with CiTRA Open Day, I just participated a three-day induction which was held at Edu TR1. As I have been promoted to be part of this new tenure, my attandence was a must! Wait a minute... what is MISI Club? It’s an outreach-based CENSERVE club in which the club manages outreach activities to underpriviliged communities in rural areas of Sabah and Sarawak.

February 6, 2015 – On the very first day of MISI Induction, the programme began after performing Maghrib prayer. Typically, every first day of a club programme starts with taarufing ourselves with each other for sure. In addition, the new president of MISI club named Asri Abdul Rahim elucidated again the presentation of the almanac for 2014/2015 session as some did not attend the meeting when the almanac was presented for the first time. Redza Alohi, the previous president of MISI club also participated this programme so that he could be supportively invaluable to share his experience with us.

February 7, 2015 – On the second day of MISI Induction, Redza taught us how to conduct a club programme. Plus, we also learnt how to prepare a programme report from our former secretary of the club named Asmah Rojan. Next, we participants were divided into groups with different proposals. Gratefully, I needed to complete merely the proposal of MISI Family Day with Nadia Bakri, Naeimah Jami, Soris Hamadul and Wong Ken Chung. As I’m the programme manager or PM of this programme, each PM presented his proposal of the programme. At night, we alhamdulillah enjoyed a dinner with satay which was someone’s treat.

February 8, 2015 – Unfortunately, there were only twelve participants attending the last day of MISI Induction. To me, exploracing to approve a proposal is an innovation which was Ainaa Kamarulzamil’s idea. Once again, we were classified into three groups with four members in each group. I was placed with Afiq Kahar, Fiona Taha and Izzah Ishak and we four really showed a good teamwork! There were several checkpoints where members of previous tenure tested our knowledge mainly about what we’ve got throughout this induction. Eventually, my group alhamdulillah finished this explorace earlier than the other two groups.

As a conclusion, I believe that this MISI Induction did a really excellent job. Besides learning some new stuff about its documentation, this programme diminished the gap among this new line-up which is consisted of experts and neophytes with the aim to strengthen our synergy as a team even though many of us couldn’t join this three-day programme. No matter Borneon or Peninsulares, you can join this fun club – MISI!

Assalamualaikum J