Workshop 1.0


On the 20th of February 2016, MISI CLUB IIUM has organized a very beneficial program known as “WORKSHOP 1.0” which concerns on the communication and professionalism for the students. This program can help the students to gain skills such as communication skills, developing social skills and learning to work in a team besides meeting new and awesome peers. This workshop has been held in AIKOL LR 3.8 & 3.9.


            This workshop was divided into 2 slots. The first slot is “Communication Skill and Teamwork” by Dr. Wan Mazwati Wan Yusuf, a lecturer from the Kuliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences (IRKHS). The program started at 9.30 am and ended at 12.15 pm. Dr. Wan Mazwati discussed on “How to Communicate When Someone Make Mistake”. Dr wan managed to relate this topic with Islamic ethical values. Next, the sub topic by Dr. Wan is entitled “Appropriate Time to Praise”. She also stressed to praise a person’s for their action not for the individual as the action will motivate the person more in the future. What is important is that, in the concluding her speech, Dr Wan Mazwati reminded the audiences on how important communication is and she said to talk about the positive things and always give compliments to others. It is such an honor to have her in this program. J

Next, the second slot was conducted by Brother Hafizul Faiz. Bro. Hafizul Faiz is an established writer. His slot was on the topic of professionalism. Bro.  Faiz relates his speech with Islamic historical events, figures and values. The talk was casual which was very relaxed considering the workshop was a day long program.
This program is indeed beneficial and meaningful as it enhances soft skills. Hope this kind of a program will help the audiences to be better in handling their career and personality.

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